Punjab Power Development Board (PPDB)

Punjab Power Development Board (PPDB) has been established as "One Window Facilitator" to promote and encourage private sector participation.


Functions of the Board 

The Board shall–

  1. Facilitate the private investors on behalf of the Government in matters relating to the setting up of power projects in accordance with the policy of the Government;

  2. Implement the policy of the Government relating to power generation and coordinate with various departments and agencies of the Government in the field of power generation;

  3. Negotiate and finalize, with the prospective private investors in the power sector, the implementation plans, feasibility studies and operational plans;

  4. Receive fees and charges from private investors in processing of their applications for power projects and shall deposit and disburse the fees or charges;

  5. Correspond with the local or international agencies in the performance of its functions under this Act;

  6. Issue no objection certificate, permission or licence for use of canal or river water or land of the Government for power generation;

  7. Explore potential sites for hydel and coal power generation and develop nonconventional sources of energy including solar, wind, biomass, biogas and solid waste;

  8. Examine energy policies of the Federal Government and advise the Government on effect of the policies of the Federal Government;

  9. Co-ordinate with the Federal Government or any authority or agency of the Federal Government for installation of power houses, grid stations and transmission lines according to needs of the Province;

  10. Encourage and ensure exploitation of indigenous resources for development of thermal or Hydel power projects in the Province;

  11. Encourage the local and foreign entities to form joint ventures for participation in the development of the power projects;

  12. Advise the Government on bulk power supply from the national grid for transmission and distribution within the Province, levy of tax on consumption of electricity, laying of transmission lines and determination of power tariff for distribution of electricity within the Province;

  13. Acquire, where necessary, land for power projects; and

  14. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed to promote power generation in the Province.


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