Message from Additional Chief Secretary Energy

Availability of reliable energy has an undeniable bearing on the economic progress, quality of life, and outcome of the overall security environment of a country. Being a developing country with a burgeoning population with ever growing demand for domestic and business needs, energy security remains at the forefront of issues to the policy makers of Pakistan.

Electricity demand in the country is increasing at a fast pace of 8-10% per annum. As per Punjab Power Generation Policy 2006 (revised 2009), the power demand of Pakistan has been anticipated to be 101,478 MW by the year 2030. Keeping in view the consistent escalation in the need for electricity, warranting ability and affordability of energy is the bedrock of our current and future development goals.

Punjab Energy department aims to ensure dependability of energy supplies by security energy needs from existing resources, while focusing on new and sustainable forms of energy to meet growing need. In the last few years , Punjab alone has added 2910 MW in the overall generation capacity of the country which is a matter of great satisfaction.

Energy conservation is as vital as power generation. The department has taken a number of energy conservation initiatives like conducting energy audit of 150 public buildings, retrofitting of Government College University, Lahore has been completed which achieved annual saving of 891 MWh and 44% reduction in electricity consumption etc. Development of energy conservation building codes and solarization of housing units and offices is also expected to yield positive results.

Looking ahead, we have much more to do, and I am confident that we are progressing in the right direction.

Ms. Irum Bukhari
Additional Chief Secretary Energy
Government of the Punjab

Energy Department
Government of the Punjab

Energy Department
8th Floor, EFU House,
Jail Road, Lahore