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Energy Efficiency and
  • Legislation, policy formulation and sectoral planning
  • Administrative control and check on the work of Electric Inspectors Lahore and Multan. All technical matters including court cases relating to the offices of Electric Inspectors
  • Electrical accidents in connection with generation, transmission, distribution and use of electric energy
  • Standardization of specifications in respect of electric appliances, machinery & installations
  • Matters connected with distribution of Power and Area Electricity Boards
  • Acquisition, revocation or amendment of Licenses of Electric Supply Undertaking and approval of loads
  • Regulation controlling and granting Electrical Contractor Licenses and Supervisors Competency Certificate and other matters connected with Licensing Board Lahore and Multan
  • Matters connected with village electrification including formulation and devising criterion for selection of villages
  • Matters connected with Tube-well electrification
  • Matters relating to the following entities:
    a. Punjab Power Development Board; b. Punjab Power Development Company; c. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd.; d. Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd.; e. Punjab Energy Holding Company; f. Quaid-e-Azam Wind Power Company; g. Punjab Coal Power Company Ltd.; and h. Punjab Renewable Energy Company Ltd.
  • All relevant matters under Articles 157, 158 & 161 of the Constitution and policy making for the Province in respect thereof
  • Development of power generation by exploiting hydel, thermal and renewable energy resources
  • Monitoring of electricity tariff in Punjab
  • All matters pertaining and auxiliary to hydel power stations of WAPDA or any other public/private sector agency located in Punjab
  • Close coordination with the Federal Government in respect of grant of licenses for oil and gas exploration in Punjab and cooperation with such companies and organizations undertaking such ventures in Punjab
  • Conservation of energy
  • Market segmentation based on purchasing power and electricity consumption
  • Off-grid distributed power generation
  • Promotion of energy efficiency through appliance regulation, building codes, urban design and other means
  • Energy innovations
  • Public private partnerships for energy production, conservation, efficiency & audit
  • Coordination and reconciliation with Federal Government on electricity charges
  • Distribution network authorization for new housing societies
  • Development of a power policy for Punjab
  • Award of power projects in Punjab to Pakistani and Foreign Private sector companies
  • Review and updation of regulatory framework to promote fast-track investment in energy projects
  • Budget, accounts and audit matters
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for the department
  • Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General Administration Department
  • Administration of the following laws and the rules
  • Matters incidental and ancillary to the above subjects

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