Message from Minister for Energy

Dear reader! Let me begin with thanking you in advance for visiting this space. Let me also presume that you are as much a law abiding citizen as the state  expects from you. And you are as much concerned about energy conservation and electricity theft as I am being the political head of this department. Thank you for paying your electricity and gas bills timely. I value your contribution for the development of the country.

It is needless to say that energy is the life line of a country’s socio-economic fabric. If the proper circulation of blood keeps human body going, energy keeps the country moving. It runs everything. From hospitals to schools, from agriculture to industry, we need electricity to get life going. I know you all understand this fact.

That said, I, Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik Provincial Minister for Energy Department here at Government of the Punjab am making every effort with the help of my team including our power generation and distribution units spread across Punjab to make your lives easy by ensuring uninterrupted supply of electricity. May God help us serve the people with utmost honesty and unflinching dedication!

Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik - MPA
Minister for Energy
Government of the Punjab