Message from Secretary Energy

Energy supports economy in multi-dimensional ways and plays a fundamental role in the social, commercial, industrial economic sector development. The 18th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan in 2010 gave provinces the mandate over energy matter and necessitated the establishment of Punjab Energy department in July 2011 as a separate entity. Provinces now have authority in power generation, distribution, and tariff determination with no limits on plant size, which has opened a whole new vista at the provincial level.

Punjab Government did not only expand power generation capacity to end the energy gap but also contributed to a more optimal energy mix by integrating more renewable energy sources to the national grid. The Energy department has successfully contributed 2910 MW in the national grid since its inception with the combination of renewable and non-renewable resources and is making steady efforts in attaining energy security in the province. It has attracted foreign investment through different energy projects including four RLNG and Solar PV. To create and encourage a culture of energy efficiency and conservation, Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) has been established to implement and monitor policies and regulations, promote behavioral change through public awareness programs and train energy management professionals.

As a team leader I believe in encouraging, engaging, and equipping my team members to bring excellence in their work. The department has contributed significantly toward attaining sustainable development in Punjab. I am happy to note that the Punjab Government is placing itself at the forefront of a clean and green power movement. Looking ahead, we have enormous challenges to ensure energy security and prosperity of our nation. My team and I are devoted and committed to the responsibility we have been given and have firm belief that we will bring improvement in lives of the citizens of Punjab.

Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Bhatti
Secretary Energy
Government of the Punjab